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Sea Gate also provides brokerage services. We can assist you either with a yacht purchase, lease or sale.  Our team has experience on contract negotiations, corporate structures, financial and administrative documentation and may also offer after sale services (yacht management, charter marketing management, crew placement and more).

Purchasing a Yacht

Investing on a yacht signifies a great financial decision and a start for a whole new lifestyle full of one-of-a-kind experiences. Therefore, if you are ready to take that big step, you need by your side knowledgeable advisers who are familiar with the yacht market and skillful enough to match your requirements with the right type of yacht.

Leasing or selling a Yacht

Whether you wish to rent or sell your precious yacht, Sea Gate fulfills all prerequisites to market the boat in the most productive way, in order to find the maximum number of potential lessees or buyers. After the necessary checks on the boat and a report about the local rental or selling price, our team starts promoting it until we find the right match.