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Dive! Life looks better underwater

Diving goes back to ancient times, when the only possibility was to dive without the aid of the modern mechanical devices. This activity was practiced in ancient cultures mainly to gather food and to harvest sponge, red coral and pearls.

Greece has always had a strong connection to the sea, which prior to 2006 was greatly restricted by the Greek laws. Since then, the country with its endless coastline and numerous islands is now determined to put itself in the international scuba diving map. The Greek islands, with the warm Mediterranean climate and top-rated waters, are now a Mecca for traveling divers and snorkelers, offering plenty of dive sites, 2.000 already, ideal for all ages and abilities.

Please bear in mind the following:

•  There are certain rules; night dives are only permitted if a guide from a certified center is in attendance, solo diving is strictly prohibited, regardless of experience, and divers must be qualified from a governing body (like PADI) that’s recognized in Greece.

• The ocean is calling. Greece hides an underwater paradise with a wide variety of sea-life (predators, sponges, dolphins, sea turtles, monk seals, scorpion fish, seahorses), but also with underwater sightseeing (wrecks, ancient artifacts, unique rock formations and caves).

• Greece’s coastline is in 11th place worldwide making the attraction to dive an infinite urge. With 13.676 km of  coastline and numerous of things waiting to be discovered, Greece is the right place for your next scuba diving experience.

• Diving in Greece is possible throughout the whole year. With so many days of sunshine, the diving season may last from April until October. The water temperature varies from 16 to 23 °C and the visibility in most waters remains relatively clear up to 30-40 meters.

• You will meet no important currents while diving in our crystal blue waters.

• In case of a diving emergency, all Diving Centers provide diving insurance from DAN Europe.

Don’t waste time and contact our team to make your dream scuba holiday a reality.