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Sailing & Diving

Cabin Charter # An Alternative Proposal for Sailing Holidays

Explore the Greek paradise with our well maintained sailing yachts. A cabin charter is an ideal option for those who want to sail the Greek islands, whether they travel alone, with their partner or with a small group of people, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you don’t have the necessary sailing qualifications, but still wish to see if sailing is for you, book now a cabin charter.

With this service you get to share the expenses of chartering the yacht with your fellow travelers. You have the possibility to book either a berth in a shared cabin, or a single cabin, including two berths, or if you travel with a group of friends can even have the entire boat at your disposal. This may also be a great way to meet and make new friends and share with them the unique experience of sailing.

One thing is sure, the more the merrier! And why is that? Because everyone on board benefits from an increasingly lower price, while our professional skippers guarantee a smooth and safe journey. You sail under the guidance of a skipper, not having to worry about managing the yacht. Sailing knowledge is not a prerequisite in order to participate to a cabin charter, however if you are a connoisseur you are more than welcomed to assist with the sailing routine or may ask in order to advance your knowledge. All crew members are also required to keep the yacht clean and tidy.

Cabin charter sailing vacation definitely have all the advantages that a skippered yacht charter has to offer, except the higher charter costs of the latter. Just share with us your needs and we promise to find the right cabin charter for you.