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Sailing & Diving

Sailing & Diving # The Unique Experience

Greece and the unique Greek islands are the most popular destinations for sailing and diving holidays in Europe. With the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece is just as beautiful underwater as it is above.

Now divers have the opportunity to find a different travel adventure in a sailing boat discovering an amazing Greek underwater world at the unique waters of the Greek seas enjoying their holidays.

On the seabed of Greek waters you will find a spectacular array of colours, fauna, wildlife and also a variety of ship wrecks and unique underwater caves. There is so much beauty and inspiration under the sea.

The clear waters provide divers with the chance to enjoy scuba diving in excellent visual conditions. Divers can choose between different kinds of dives depending on what they want to see according to their qualifications: caves, walls, wrecks, beautiful and colorful reefs, airplanes. This is only a little taste of what somebody can see!

Weather permitting visitors can enjoy scuba diving excursions throughout the year and especially between April and October. Whether you are an experienced diver or an amateur, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful diving experience in Greece.

Sail and Dive all around Greece and discover the ancient Greek waters, the tasteful Greek cuisine and the intense night life that every Greek island guarantees to visitors.

Destinations: • Saronic Gulf • Cyclades • Ionian Sea • Dodecanese

This is an adventurous journey along Greek crystal waters and Greek underwater treasures. As a diver you can discover the experience of a sailing trip and the popular Greek diving destinations.